Frequently Asked Questions

Placing an order


How do I set up an account?

We will automatically set up an account for you when you place an order. Be sure to provide complete contact information on your translation or interpreting order, including phone, fax, and email address. Upon receiving your order we will set up the account and begin the translation work. The completed work will always be sent to the requester unless alternate instructions are provided.


Do you have an order form I need to fill out?

You may simply submit your request in writing. Please note specific deadlines requirements as well as requirements for electronic copy, certification, or custom formatting. If we can return the translation via email, please indicate so and provide your email address.


Do we need to sign a contract with you?

A contract is not needed for a job to begin, although for a special project or translation of English into another language, we may ask you to sign an authorization form. We will set up an account and proceed with your order upon receiving written authorization to begin with any special instructions noted.